Secure Payslip Exchange
Protecting your employee’s payslip and payroll data.

Secure Payslip Exchange

Convenient and Secure

The Secure Payslip Exchange platform ensures that explicit consent is obtained directly from the employee, prior to the release of their payroll information to the relevant Financial Service Provider (FSP). The FSP is then able to process the employee’s application and assess their creditworthiness, in accordance with the responsible lending practices mandated by law.

Instead of the employee providing 3 months’ worth of payslips, as well as the other legally required documentation (FICA, Bank Statements, and ID etc), by the employer participating the employee now benefits, by simply providing explicit consent, their payroll data can be shared securely in an encrypted format to the FSP.

Endorsed by the local banks of South Africa and recommended by the Banking Association of South Africa (BASA) to reduce fraud.

Benefits to Employers

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Secure Payslip Exchange (SPX), powered by Comcorp in partnership with Sage, is a platform, enabling direct from source, and in real-time, access to income and employment verification information.   The product vastly eliminates the risk of processing fraudulent documents and the need to uncover document tampering.   

With consumer consent, this necessary information flows in an encrypted and frictionless manner – meeting the need for regulatory compliance, whilst making it easier for the consumer to provide all their requisite information in a smooth authentication process.

Our simple and easy solution has been founded on the basis of Comcorp’s long history of facilitating such digitally enabled exchanges, and with well established relationships with like-minded business partners.  


The ever-growing incidence of application- and identity fraud, credit risk assessments- and affordability assessments for all service providers has become that much more onerous.  SPX goes to the core of solving this, and delivers this necessary information, reliably. 

The Secure Payslip Exchange obtains explicit consent prior to the release of any of their payroll data.  Such consent may only be used for one transaction at a time.

Only approved client’s with requisite are admitted to the Secure Payslip Exchange and may request payroll data.

All information transmitted is encrypted, and with the use of a unique encryption certificate per client, decryption can take place.

No data is stored by the Secure Payroll Exchange, in any format, through any of its processes.

  • The process fundamentally transforms the ease with which a company can verify income, combat fraud and automate customer vetting.
  • Income verification through the Secure Payslip Exchange supports responsible lending practices and compliance to National Credit Amendment Act and National Credit Regulations.
  • The platform has been endorsed by the local banks of South Africa by means of usage, but has also been accredited by the Banking Association of South Africa (BASA).

How To Participate

  • Becoming part of the community of clients who participate in our product is simple.
  • Contact the Comcorp SPX team ( to learn more and have one of our experts demo our service to you.
  • Work with us on understanding and aligning your vetting and consent processes so we can take the next steps contractually.
  • For our Portal users -merely wait for us to supply you with the instructions necessary to connect your payroll solution to the Secure Payslip Exchange.
  • For integrated users – work with our technical onboarding team to define the API requirements and timelines.
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