Improve Your Client Onboarding Processes

In today’s ever evolving digital environment, companies need to transform their business models to align with dynamic and demanding customer and legislative requirements. In order to stay ahead of the curve and to meet these demands, companies are constantly looking for, or being exposed to a myriad of new technologies.

For the past 28 years Comcorp have focused on solving business challenges in the financial services sector, by developing proprietary software solutions.

Our core strength and the foundation of what we do, is to enable businesses to effectively and compliantly onboard customers, whilst mitigating their risk of processing fraudulent transactions.

We have developed an innovative toolkit with a range of features that include biometric facial and liveness detection, income verification and the supply of key client data from a trusted golden source, which ensure a seamless and simplified customer onboarding process.

We partner with our clients to assist them in providing an improved customer experience, whether it be for a simple KYC process or a complex home loan application.

The core of our strategy is to align with the digital future as we see it.  As Ice hockey star Wayne Gretzky famously said, “I skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” As the experts in customer onboarding and specifically within financial services, we see a future of open banking principles and open data. 

As we move into a new era and with the introduction of consumer data rights (CDR) in Australia, open API’s, open banking in Europe and GDPR, we need to be thinking and planning around the effect it will have on future financial transactions. 

Companies that want to remain relevant will need to implement strategies and technology that can authenticate customers and give them or their financial partner access to data instantly and securely, thus enabling a frictionless, fraud-free onboarding process.

If your company wants to improve their client onboarding processes and prevent fraud, then talk to us today.

Home Loan Origination Software

Our platforms are directly interfaced with all major banks, giving you the ability to capture and submit electronic home loan applications in a safe, secure and easy way.

Biometric Digital Identity Matching

Know that the customer you are dealing with is who they say they are, by matching their photo to the SA national population register.

Data Sourcing - Bank Statements

With customer consent, banks and registered credit providers can immediately access tamper-free bank statements straight from the source

Payslip Income Verification

Remove any uncertainty and eliminate the possibility of payslips being tampered with by getting the information in real time, directly from source and in both image and data formats

Liveness Detection

Giving you the confidence that your customer requiring identifying is in fact in front of the camera.

KYC Solutions

Financial institutions and credit providers can obtain CIPC and POR documents, for businesses and customers, through our FICA-X solution. Customer identities can be verified from a trusted third-party source by simply using their identity numbers.

Outsourced POPI Compliant Consent management

Manage authentication and consent by ensuring that before data is released by the data holder, the data owner has given POPI compliant consent and has been correctly identified to avoid ID impersonation.

Customer Onboarding

Effectively and compliantly onboard customers, whilst mitigating your risk of processing fraudulent transactions.

Open Banking Aligned Platform

Compliant with international Open Banking standards.

Use Cases By Industry

Our technology and product offerings have been used in enterprises, banks, credit institutions and other leading industry types. 

Our Customers & Partners

Our customers and partners include financial institutions, credit providers, mortgage originators, property developers, accountable institutions and end users.

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