Who We Are

Comcorp is a software innovator and specialist in authentication technology solutions. Our focus is on advancing business efficiencies and increasing productivity through digital onboarding processes, whilst minimising risks associated with constrained consumer due diligence.

Comcorp initially pioneered solutions in the mortgage industry with a home loan aggregator which integrated directly to the banks. Since then we have deepened our understanding and value proposition over the last three decades beyond financial services, reaching clients in the retail-; legal-; logistics industries and beyond.

Our innovative toolkit includes a range of products and features which has biometric facial and liveness detection, income verification, and bank statements. This has made us a trusted business partner as we support a simplified and verifiable customer onboarding process.

Our solutions form a cornerstone of our digitally enabled foundation, and future, because we integrate directly and securely with the source information needed for effective authentication and verification.

How We Help


Allowing you to execute on consumer-centric digital processes while protecting you and your customer’s exposure to fraud.

Safe Business

Helping reduce friction in processes to do business with authenticated consumers, providing easier digital services while protecting, and growing, your bottom line.

Reduce Fraud.
Ensure Compliance & Audit Trails

Assisting you to reduce risk and optimise your business for fraud prevention, compliance, and auditability.

If your company wants to advance business efficiencies and increase productivity through customer authentication, verification and streamlining customer onboarding solutions, then talk to us today.

Our Solutions

Biometric Authentication

Our solution authenticates and verifies customers in real-time using biometric facial recognition. Ensuring customers are not victims of identity fraud, whilst businesses validate and comply with customer due diligence.

Secure Data Exchange

Our solution retrieves information directly from the source in a secure way: from bank statements, pay-slips, proof of residence to KYC documentation required for digital onboarding.

Comcorp Mortgage Software

We provide digital home loan solutions that equip Banks, Mortgage Originators, Property developers and Estate Agents with the tools required to process home loan applications efficiently and securely.

Use Cases By Industry

Our technology and product offerings are tried-and-tested in corporates, banks, credit institutions and many others.

Our Customers & Partners

We are trusted by banks and credit providers for having provided trusted solutions for over three decades. We have over the years extended suite of products to retail credit providers, courier companies and more.

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