Banks Making Inroads in Combatting Home Loan Fraud

One would think the whole process of applying for a home loan would be immune to fraud. Not only does the bank providing the mortgage bond send an assessor to check the property, there is also a buyer, seller, estate agent and at least one lawyer involved – and there’s the bond registration process at the deeds office.

Reduce The Hidden Cost of Onboarding

Our COO, Shanaaz Trethewey, shares her opinion on the ongoing debate about the rising customer acquisition cost. Unplanned downtime, customer perception, the cost of sophisticated fraud detection, and the inspection of potentially fraudulent documents are the key costs yet to be quantified in this equation.

SA’s biometric power works

Biometric identification is nothing new. It has literally become a fabric of our everyday routine, with most of us having things like fingerprint recognition readily accessible on our cellphone. In the corporate world though, biometric identification plays a much more important role in fighting crime.

Permissioned data sharing will accelerate e-commerce

It is becoming patently clear that financial services are moving in a very specific direction from a technology perspective. The direction is towards Digital Identity, Open Banking, and Open Finance. For example, according to there were 771m API calls in August alone in the UK.

Will Open Banking Happen in South Africa?

Open Banking (OB) has become a buzzword spreading like wildfire across the globe. Recently in South Africa (SA) all sorts of companies and people are getting excited about OB and the way it is going to change the way we manage and transact our financial affairs.

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