Secure Data Exchange
Access all the information you need about your customer reliably and securely at the touch of a button and in real time.


Electronic access to source information in real-time.

Why Secure-X?

Retrieve bank statements, pay slips, proof of residence and KYC documents with customer consent and speed up digital onboarding.  Customers get faster turnaround times, and you are able to make quick and accurate credit assessments. And all the information is encrypted during the process making it tamper-proof and POPI compliant.

FICA-X - Know your Customer

Proof of identity directly from a third party source

Why bother with a manual proof of identity when it is unreliable and risky? 

Digital identity is simple and reliable through FICA-X Know Your Customer. A financial institution simply uses the identity number provided by the customer to verify their identity from a trusted third party source.

FICA-X - Proof of Residence

Proof of residence documents at the touch of a button

Proof of residence is a FICA requirement, but it is such an inconvenience for the consumer to obtain and supply and the process is also open to tampering.

FICA-X Document Exchange makes it possible to obtain documents directly from various verified sources for easy and consistent digital onboarding.

IDX – Integrated Data Exchange*

Real time, safe and secure electronic access to bank statements directly from source.

With customer consent, banks and registered credit providers can immediately access tamper-free bank statements straight from the source.

Institutions eliminate the need to manually obtain statements from their clients. Not only can they make a quick decision, but they are safe in the knowledge that the data they access is reliable enough to digitally onboard their customer right away.

The IDX platform was developed by Comcorp and subsequently acquired by an association of major South African banks known as the DEA (Document Exchange Association). The IDX system is still operated by Comcorp who own the license internationally which gives us the ability to license or partner with interested parties outside of SA.

SPX - Secure Payslip Exchange

Protecting your employee’s payslip and payroll data.

The Secure Payslip Exchange (SPX) assists employees who apply for financial services from registered Financial Service Providers (FSP) by providing their payslip and payroll data in a secure manner, directly from their employer to the relevant FSP, through the secure SPX platform.

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