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Fraud Insights – Our View

Fraud Insights, as part of Comcorp’s business we gain valuable insights into the way financial crime is committed and how the consumer is often placed at risk of having their data compromised and used by fraudsters to commit financial crime. So what is financial crime?

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The Future of the Home Loan Application

At the start of lockdown, most property professionals would not have thought that the real estate market would recover the way it did. There were almost no sales, very few bond registrations, and a lot of uncertainty. However, the real estate market has proven to be resilient, mainly due to

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Will Open Banking Happen in South Africa?

Open Banking (OB) has become a buzzword spreading like wildfire across the globe. Recently in South Africa (SA) all sorts of companies and people are getting excited about OB and the way it is going to change the way we manage and transact our financial affairs.

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