Streamlines application process, interfaces with all major banks, and provides business reports.
Quick, efficient, and secure approval and management of home loans.

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Why Comcorp?

Comcorp is a pioneer in the mortgage industry with three decades of financial industry expertise providing tried-and-tested solutions for Banks, Mortgage Originators, Property developers and Estate Agents. Our team of innovators developed the first electronic home loan software to streamline the application process, and the first Mortgage Switch to directly interface with all the major Banks.


Home Loan Transactional Platform

Our Mortgage Switch enables mortgage originators to directly interface, immediately and securely with seven banks.  Its thirty-year track record has shown to vastly simplify the complexities of transacting with multiple banks in the home loan process.

Our pre-qualification tools provide our partners with the assurance of determining buyer affordability and ensuring a seamless submission process via BondTrak for home loans. Additionally, these tools can be customised with white-label branding to empower the Originator and their business.


Eliminate duplication in the capturing process and provides a seamless experience.

BondTrak is a software application that enables the submission of pre-validated home loan applications to multiple banks from one front-end.

Our customers can also import electronic applications to save time and avoid human errors in the capturing process, submit the required supporting documents, track the real-time status of applications and get customisable management information.


Make better decisions with accurate reports.

BizTrak, Comcorp’s management information system, provides Banking Partners and Customers with an accurate view in analytical and monetary formats at the various milestone stages of their applications throughout the home loan process.

Biztrak can be easily modified to meet the customer’s specific criteria, helping with decision-making and bringing data to life.

Elna Kroukamp
Elna Kroukamp Ever Bond
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Ever Bond has been using the Comcorp Mortgage Software since 2007. Comcorp is a very user friendly system and the support from the team (Nicole, Claire and Tiffany) is amazing. It is so great to work with a team that knows their system and that can assist on the spot – they are always only a phone call or an email away. Since 2007, I can’t remember one time that the system was down that we could not submit applications to the banks. Thank you for an amazing team and an amazing system!
Natasha Cross
Natasha Cross E Homeloans
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Comcorp's mortage software is user friendly and hassle free. It's paperless and reliable. The staff are always helpful and friendly! Plus there is an incredible reporting system in place!
Kevin Mountjoy & Elmar Pittendrigh
Kevin Mountjoy & Elmar PittendrighBond Gallery
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Bond Gallery has been aligned to Comcorp over the last few years and we have a fantastic relationship with Comcorp at all levels. Their commitment to service excellence is appreciated and they have developed some unique innovate systems that have added value to Bond Gallery. The Comcorp partnership with Bond Gallery is highly regarded and most appreciated.
Nadia IsaacsMultiNet Home Loans
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We developed a great partnership with Comcorp and their dedication to our channel is evident. I am very impressed by the high-performing support teams made available to us in all aspects. We appreciate their attention to detail and flexibility regarding software systems development, analytic functions, data security and approach in meeting our Mortgage Origination requirements.
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