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The world of education is moving online, offering rich, individualised learning, at a time and place convenient for students, with innovative tools for an intense, engaging learning experience. 

But regardless of where and how instruction takes place, when it comes time to take an exam, to avoid impersonation it is essential to verify who is really taking the exam.

Fortunately, advances in biometrics offer a reliable way to verify the physical presence of the enrolled learner at login and throughout the exam session. 

With convenient and natural face recognition, learners are bound to their digital identities to make online exams more secure and easier to use. 

At the same time, Curata PhotoVerify allows institutions to have a person’s ID matched with the person in front of the camera.

Our Solutions

Identity Authentication

By using our tools to verify identity biometrically, our customers can go on to perform KYC, collect POPI compliant consent and prevent ID impersonation fraud.

Proof of Identity

Why bother with a manual proof of identity when it is unreliable and risky?

Digital identity is simple and reliable through FICA-X KYC, simply use the identity number provided by the customer to verify their identity from a trusted third party source.

Liveness Detection

Curata’s face liveness detection, ensures that the customer requiring identifying is in fact in front of the camera. 

It distinguishes live persons from attacks through photos, videos or masks and there is no need for 3D cameras or video streams. We simply analyse two selfies for a frictionless user experience!

Your Trusted Partner

You Can Count On Our Solutions

Full Encryption

Fully encrypted, secure and certified at source with consistent, high-quality digital documentation, compliant with the latest legislation

Electronic Data

Our solutions are hassle free, paperless and convenient; offering speedy and electronic delivery of data and documentation


Significant savings compared to paper sourcing processing AND eliminates the opportunity to tamper with paper-based documentation

Trackable & Real-Time

Direct sourcing per transaction, independent from central document storage with full audit trail available at all stages

Certified & Trusted

Operated on bank certified platforms. Our customers include financial institutions, credit providers and corporations.

Digital Experts

With over 27 years experience in the industry, you can trust us to securely and safely deliver all your information requirements.

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