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Courier Services
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Courier Services

With identity and credit application fraud on the rise, it is critical that courier companies verify consumer ID’s on behalf of their clients to ensure they are delivering items to the correct person. Consumer identity processes need to be carefully managed to ensure courier companies verify the authenticity of the recipient in order to mitigate the risk of fraud.  Our secure biometric authentication solution Curata, does just this.

Our Solutions

Identity Authentication

By using our tools to verify identity biometrically, our customers can go on to perform KYC, collect POPI compliant consent and prevent ID impersonation fraud.

Proof of Identity

Why bother with a manual proof of identity when it is unreliable and risky?

Digital identity is simple and reliable through FICA-X KYC, simply use the identity number provided by the customer to verify their identity from a trusted third party source.

Proof of Residence

Proof of residence is a FICA requirement, but it is such an inconvenience for the customer to obtain and supply and the process is also open to tampering. 

FICA-X Document Exchange makes it possible to obtain documents directly from various verified sources for easy and consistent digital onboarding.

Your Trusted Partner

You Can Count On Our Solutions

Full Encryption

Fully encrypted, secure and certified at source with consistent, high-quality digital documentation, compliant with the latest legislation.

Electronic Data

Our solutions are hassle free, paperless and convenient; offering speedy and electronic delivery of data and documentation.


Significant savings compared to paper sourcing processing AND eliminates the opportunity to tamper with paper-based documentation.

Trackable & Real-Time

Direct sourcing per transaction, independent from central document storage with full audit trail available at all stages.

Certified & Trusted

Operated on bank certified platforms. Our customers include financial institutions, credit providers and corporations.

Digital Experts

With over 29 years experience in the industry, you can trust us to securely and safely deliver all your information requirements.

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