Put each client firmly in control while giving you complete confidence that all information has been thoroughly and securely verified.

We live in a world where consumers want data privacy and where data privacy laws are becoming more prevalent, yet companies still need to access personal data in order to make business decisions.

Curata bridges the gap by ensuring consumers control their consent and thereby access to their data and companies can now easily obtain consent in real time from their customers before accessing their personal data. Curata uses biometric facial recognition to allow your customers to identify themselves in real time on any device, by simply taking a selfie. This selfie unlocks a world of information, securely and instantly as Curata verifies that your customer really is who they say they are.

Customers give digital consent to access information in real time. The globally rated facial recognition software includes liveness detection software to give you confidence that your customer is actually in front of the camera.

Slow, manual application processes also get a turbo-boost as data on each customer can be auto-populated from a variety of sources. To protect client data, the information is stored in a secure server environment which has processed millions of bank statements and is trusted by South Africa’s leading banks.

The client is in full control of who accesses which data through the consent process, which is further bolstered by Curata’s full audit trail.

Products-Mortgage Software

Your customer wants a home loan approved quickly and efficiently, but not before obtaining comparative quotes from various banks and negotiating terms and rates.

Our platforms are directly interfaced with all major banks, giving credit providers, mortgage originators, property developers, estate agents, financial advisors and other users the ability to capture and submit electronic home loan applications. Our products offer solutions that encompass various needs of the industry in a safe, secure and easy way.


If you need to submit loan applications to multiple banks, you know that the process can be time consuming and laborious. BondTrak solves this problem by allowing users to submit pre-validated loan applications to multiple banks from one front-end. Users are able to track the status of loans, receive decisions, manage commission payments and view management reports. BondTrak also integrates into partners for credit checks, property validations and SmartDoc for the submission of supporting documents.

Over 3 million loan applications submitted by more than 4000 users, since BondTrak was launched in 2001.

Save yourself time and money and take the guesswork out of selling property by using BT Mobi. Using a mobile phone application, estate agents and mortgage consultants are able to prequalify their potential customers. You are able to calculate affordability, generate property reports and apply various credit checks right from your mobile phone.

Comcorp’s Mortgage Switch is a middleware software application which makes it possible to interface immediately and securely with eight banks. Complex processes and integration are drastically reduced, ensuring that users can transact and communicate with compliance certainty, stability and unparalleled security.

The Mortgage Switch has processed over 4.7 million loan applications and related decisions since 2004. The Mortgage Switch supports a number of front-end software solutions.

SmartDoc is a document management system that tracks, manages and stores documents required by financial institutions. The system validates documents and submits high quality, reliable images direct from source.

Access all the information you need about your customer reliably, securely and safely at the touch of a button and in real time. Bank statements, payslips, proof of residence and KYC documentation directly from the source.

Obtaining required documentation is a necessary part of your daily world as a financial services institution, credit provider or accountable institution. Against a backdrop of rampant impersonation fraud in the credit market, the Secure-X basket of products makes it possible to move information in a secure way. Using bank-approved encryption at source, we are able to minimise customer interaction. With their consent to access their information, customers can expect much faster turnaround times and institutions are able to make quick and accurate credit assessments.


Confirm validity of supplied banking details.
The account verification platform instantly confirms the validity of banking details so that payments and debit orders can be processed quickly and easily.

Proof of Identity tied into Home Affairs.
Why bother with a manual proof of identity when it is unreliable and risky? Through FICA-X KYC, a financial institution simply uses the identity number provided by the customer to verify their identity directly against Home Affairs National Identification System (HANIS).

Proof of residence documents at the touch of a button.
Proof of residence is a FICA requirement, but it is such an inconvenience for the customer to obtain and supply, the process is also open to tampering. FICA-X Document Exchange makes it possible to obtain documents directly from various verified sources

Real time, safe and secure electronic access to bank statements directly from source.
With customer consent, banks and registered credit providers can immediately access tamper-free bank statements straight from the source. Institutions eliminate the need to manually obtain statements from their clients. Not only can they make a quick decision, but they are safe in the knowledge that the data they access is reliable enough to on-board their customer right away.

The IDX platform was developed by Comcorp and subsequently acquired by an association of major South African banks known as the DEA (Document Exchange Association). The IDX system is still operated by Comcorp.

Access payslips electronically in real time, securely and directly from source.
It can be a challenge to detect fraudulent payslips. The Income Verification Exchange removes any uncertainty and eliminates the possibility of payslips being tampered with. With the credit applicant’s consent, the platform electronically sources payslips using a payroll vendor network which covers the majority of South African employees. The information is available in real time, directly from source and in both image and data formats. IVX resolves an otherwise time-intensive and risky process securely and in just a few seconds.