As required by Section 51 of the Promotion to Access of Information Act No 2 of 2000 (PAIA) Last updated: February 2020


  1. Access to our information

This manual will help you get access to information we hold. We are required in terms of PAIA Act 2 of 2000 to make this manual available to you so you can see what type of information we have, as well, as how you can request to gain access to it.
Comcorp is made up of three entities, this information will apply to all three companies. 

  1. Background Information

Comcorp is an innovative software company based in South Africa. Comcorp was founded in 1994 and designs, develops and operates various proprietary software services that collectively run over our Secure Data Exchange known as Comcorp   Secure-X. Comcorp Secure-X encompasses a number of products designed to enhance business processes in the financial services sector in an automated and secure way. These products includes Bank Statements, Income Verification, Proof of Residence and Proof of Identity directly from source. We also supply services to other registered credit providers and a number of mortgage originators and property developers.

  1. Our Details
Company Name Comcorp Online (Pty) Limited
Comcorp Mortgage Software (Pty) Limited
Comcorp Holdings (Pty) Limited
Registration Number      1999/028675/07
Physical Address 1st Floor, Fulham House, Hampton Office Park, 20 Georgian Crescent East, Bryanston, 2067
Postal Address P.O. Box 5443, Rivonia, 2128
Telephone Number +27 10 594 2768/9
Fax Number 086 649 2315
General contact email address for the company
Head of Comcorp Paul Moss
  1. Further guidance on how you can get access to information

Comcorp Online has compiled this guide in terms of Section 10 of PAIA. It contains information required by a person wishing to exercise any right, contemplated by PAIA.

This Guide is available for inspection, inter alia, at the office of Comcorp Online, at the physical address above, and at the below SAHRC details.

For more information about PAIA you can contact the South African Human Rights Commission who has compiled a guide, in each official language.

  1. The South African Human Rights Commission:

Postal Address: Private Bag 2700, Houghton, 2041.

Telephone: +27 11 877-3600

Fax: +27 11 403-0625


  1. Information we hold to comply with the law
Ref Act
No 75 of 1997 Basic Conditions of Employment act
No 55 of 1998 Employment Equity
No 34 of 2005 National Credit Act
No 85 of 1993 Occupational Health and Safety Act
  1. Records we hold
Category Records Availability
Company Certificate of Incorporation On request
BEE Certificate On request
Financial Banking Details On request
SARS Letter of Good Standing On request
Published Information Brochures and Company info
  1. How to request Access

In order to request access to a record please complete the Request for Access Form which is available at and submit it to the company at its physical address, its fax number or general contact email address provided above.

  1. How much it will cost you

Section 52 (3) states that fees payable for access to records are to be prescribed.  The prescribed fees are as set out in the Fee Schedule which is available at 

  1. In what form we will give you access

If your request for access to records of the company is approved, we will determine how we will provide access to you, unless you have requested access in a specific form

  1. Countries of Operation

South Africa

  1. Other Information as may be prescribed

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development has not made any regulations in terms of section 51(f) of the Act.

  1. We may refuse you access to protect others

In terms of PAIA we are allowed to refuse, you access to certain documents. These grounds for refusal are to protect:

  • The privacy of another person;
  • Commercial information of another company;
  • Commercial information of another person;
  • The safety of individuals and property;
  • Records privileged from production in legal proceedings; and
  • Research information.

You will be notified in writing whether your request has been approved or denied within 30 calendar days after we have received a completed Request for Access Form. Should any record of the company requested by you not be found or not exist, the company will, by way of affidavit, notify you that it is not possible to give access to that particular record.